Hybrid Engineering Wood

CORBELO Hybrid Engineering Wood has all the beauty of solid wood. CORBELO utilizes the techniques of both Engineering Wood and the latest Vinyl technologies to create a new form of product, the Hybrid Engineering Wood. With the implementation, the CORBELO Hybrid Engineering is one hundred percent waterproof and termite-free wood. It was also designed to overcome other potential problems, such as wood expansion and contraction, and the noise of the flooring. CORBELO Hybrid Engineering Wood contains the world’s easiest locking system, enabling fast installation. It can be directly installed upon any flat surface, including cement, marble tiles, ceramic tiles and other wood surfaces. Corbelo Hybrid Engineering Wood contains absolutely ZERO Formaldehyde. Basic sweeping and mopping is enough to keep the flooring anew without the usage of chemical products.

Extreme Aesthetics; Unique Style;

Corbelo Innovative Flooring Is Your Preference In Building A Dream Living Environment.