Marble Interlock Flooring

CORBELO Marble Interlock Flooring is an innovative replacement for the existing Marble and Granite Tiles. Marble Interlock Flooring has an extremely thin and light weight design. The elegant patterns are specially Italian designed to perfectly imitate that of the real stones. The flooring contains locking system on all four ends, which allows fast and dry installation. It can be directly installed upon any flat surface, including cement, marble tiles, ceramic tiles and other wood surfaces. CORBELO Marble Interlock Flooring contains absolutely ZERO Formaldehyde. Basic sweeping and mopping is enough to keep the flooring anew without the usage of chemical products. With the latest coating technology, the CORBELO Marble Interlock Flooring’s scratch and wear resistance is compatible to the marble and granite tiles. Along with the glossy finish, the Marble Interlock Flooring can create a dynamic and elegant environment.

Extreme Aesthetics; Unique Style;

Corbelo Innovative Flooring Is Your Preference In Building A Dream Living Environment.